Join like-minded women who are seeking to create a mindful and harmonious family.  This is a place to get centered. Put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Be the change you want to see in your family! 


  • Benefit from the experiences and wisdom of others.
  • Get out of your own way!!! Ease up on yourself so you can get the results you seek. 
  • Succeed integrating the principles into your life.
  • End reactivity and parent with grace and wisdom.
  • You will willingly let go of guilt and shame.
  • You will be able to choose peace of mind when stress feels like a legitimate option.
  • Learn the difference between empowering and controlling our loved ones.
  • When you change, you should see everyone in your immediate family change in time


  • Learn to meditate ($475 value).
  • Learn the principals of mindfulness.
  • Download helpful exercises.
  • Read interesting, relevant and very helpful content.
  • Interact with Laura Nash live for one hour twice a week via online meetings hosted by Zoom!
  • View recording of any missed sessions.
  • Join our secret Facebook Group where we can support each other in between live meetings.  I will make intermittent interactive video appearances throughout the week to support you between meetings.
  • Cancel your membership at any point and you will not be billed for the following month.  You may rejoin whenever you please!  This should be effortless. 

About the instructor

Meditation & Wellness Instructor Certified by Deepak Chopra, MD

Laura Nash

“when we understand that our circumstances and personal life experiences are the result of our inner life and not the cause, we will pursue peace of mind at all cost.”— laura nashLaura Nash is a consultant and instructor, guiding both individuals and groups to attain their goals using a surprisingly simple and effective vehicle: PEACE OF MIND. Her clients come from all walks of life – CEOs and senior executives of major corporations, professional athletes, artists, physicians – anyone seeking to improve their life. Her philosophy is that people already intuitively know how to solve any dilemma. They, merely, get so bogged down by the details of an issue or the emotion surrounding it, that they cannot discern their own answers. Laura demonstrates how to cut through all the chaos and drama of life to arrive at the simple solution.BackgroundTrained and certified by Deepak Chopra, M.D., world renowned author of dozens of best-selling books on the topic of mind-body medicine, Ms. Nash is a well-established teacher, speaker and workshop facilitator. With a B.A. from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, this former institutional bond broker and vice president at Cantor Fitzgerald Securities, Inc., brings both a philosophical and entrepreneurial perspective to her audience. She is certified to teach the authentic, ancient form of silent meditation from the Yoga tradition of India, as well as “Wellness in the Workplace,” a program designed for companies, based on Dr. Deepak Chopra’s personal development masterpiece, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. She was awarded for her status as the most active Chopra certified meditation instructor in the world. She has gone to develop her own programs for personal development avaiable in person and online.

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